Tire Services

Our Signature Tire Installation Includes:

  • Free Flat Tire Repair
  • Free Tire Pressure Check
  • Free Lifetime Rotation
  • Free Brake Inspection
  • Free Rebalancing
  • Free 24 Point Safety Inspection
  • Free Alignment Checks



Wheel Alignment

Your wheels perform best when they are lined up straight. Potholes, road wear and even accidents can knock your vehicle out of alignment. Proper wheel alignments can help improve your driver safety, create a smoother ride, help increase fuel efficiency, and add thousands of miles to tire tread life. At Downey Car Care & Tire Center we are proud to use the Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment System. It’s the most technologically advance alignment system in to date. Powered by high definition cameras, powerful software, and the most comprehensive vehicle information database. In addition, the Hawkeye Elite’s target sensors are designed so that they never come into contact with your rims, allowing you to breathe easily with the knowledge of knowing that they’re safe from damage.


Tire Repair

Flat tires are an unfortunate fact of life. At Downey Car Care & Tire Center, our certified experts and technicians are available to provide you with flat tire repair services. The Flat Tire Repair begins with an internal and external visual inspection to determine the extent of the damage and the cause of the air loss. Repairs are limited to the tread area only. If repairable, a repair based in accordance with strict industry standards will be performed. Our technicians will talk you through other options if your damaged tires exceed the limit for safe repair.


Tire Installation

Tire maintenance is very important to the safety and longevity of your car. Tires need to be selected by the right dimension for the vehicle make and model. Tires should be bought in sets of four, or at the very least matching groups of 2 on each axle. Our expert technicians install your tires using technologically advance Hunter equipment, so you can feel confident behind the wheel. Service includes old tire removal, mounting new tires and inflation and balancing of each new tire. Our Signature tire installation also includes: Free Flat Tire Repair, Free Tire Pressure Check, Free Lifetime Rotation, Free Brake Inspection, Free Rebalancing, Free 34 Point Safety Inspection, & Free Alignment Check.


Wheel Balancing

Balancing your wheels is a cost-effective way to promote safety, reduce tire wear and increase fuel efficiency. You may need to have your tires balanced if you experience vibration in your steering wheel or shaking and swaying while driving. Tire balancing is a specific type of tire maintenance that makes sure your tires and wheels spin more evenly. Correctly balanced wheels don’t just keep you driving smoothly; they also reduce noise, vibration, and premature tread wear. We recommend you have your wheels balanced every 4,000–6,000 miles but it’s always a good idea to check your owner’s manual for more specific recommendations.


Tire Rotation

Maximize the life of your tires by regularly rotating them. Rotating your tires leads to a prolonged tread life and promotes even tread wear for all tires on your vehicle. That leads to improved gas mileage, increased tire performance and an overall smoother, more comfortable ride. It’s important to rotate your tires according to the correct tire-rotation pattern. Doing so will prolong the life of your tires and will reduce the risk of sudden tire failure. Front tires encounter different tasks than the rear tires. And a front-wheel-drive car’s tires perform different tasks than those on a rear-wheel-drive car. Tire rotation is a routine maintenance service that should be performed every 6 months or so but it’s always a good idea to check your owner’s manual for more specific recommendations.


Tire Pressure Check

Most people forget about their tires until something goes wrong. The truth is, tires lose pressure daily. In cool weather, a tire will typically lose one or two pounds of air per month. In warm weather, tires lose even more air so make a habit of checking tire pressure often – at least once a month. Keeping the correct air pressure in your tires helps your tires last longer, helps your car handle better and safer, and helps you save money on fuel.

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