Getting Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready

These warm spring and summer months are the perfect time of year to pack up the car and head out with your family and friends on a road trip. A road trip is a great way to spend time with loved ones and enjoy traveling and sightseeing along the way!

If you’re planning an upcoming road trip, don’t neglect your vehicle. Your vehicle needs to get road trip ready, too! We often forget that our vehicles may not be in the best shape for a long drive, and the best way to avoid unwanted breakdowns and keep safe on the road is to ensure that your vehicle is road trip ready.

Before heading off on your road trip, be sure to give Downey Car Care Center a call to schedule pre-road trip inspection. We will look at the following items in your vehicle that are essential to your safety and your vehicle’s reliability through the long haul!

Our professionals will inspect:

  • Brakes and Battery - Brakes are always important to your safety, and should be double-checked for any signs of foreseeable issues. Your car battery should be tested for good charge.
  • Tires - We will make sure that your tires have the proper air pressure and that the tread on them is acceptable for all weather conditions.
  • Filters & Fluids - All fluids should be clean and full and filters should be clean as well to ensure all systems work properly and to prevent engine overheating.
  • Belts & Hoses - Belts and hoses are those components which can cause major issues if they fail. We will check these parts to make sure that they are in good working condition.
  • Windshield Wipers and Lights - Your visibility of the road is important! You never know when you may need your wipers along the way. All exterior lights need to be working in order.

Try to plan your pre-trip vehicle inspection a couple weeks ahead of your trip, just in case there does happen to be a repair that is needed before you leave. If you have a question about your vehicle, don’t hesitate to give Downey Car Care Center a call today - we will be happy to help you get your vehicle ready for your upcoming road trip!

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