Is your car ready for winter?


As we hit the roads during Winter cold snaps, of course it’s important to drive safe, but there are certain maintenance tips you can use, to make sure your car is the safest it can be.

“Your battery, check your charge levels, if you feel the engine cranking when it’s cold out, it’s best to go and get your battery checked,” said Steve Lajiness, master technician at Premier Car Care Center.

“Check your tires….use the penny trick of putting the penny in the tread. Do not attempt to open or close the window if it has a sheet of ice over it,” said Lajiness.

For Edna Krueger, she’s already prepped her car for the Winter, but says its not enough to just worry about yourself, but those that may not be able to Winter prep their car on their own.


“Looking in on elderly people around here, and see if they need some help, because we, that do know how to do something with our cars, are an asset to these folks,” said Krueger.

While we’re not expecting a major snow storm Wednesday, it can’t hurt to be over prepared.

“Your car is just like you, you know, you aren’t going to go out in flip-flops and t-shirts at 20 degree weather. Your car is the same way, it has to be protected against any kind of bad weather hot and cold, whichever,” said Krueger.

AAA also recommends to keep your gas tank at least half full to prevent your fuel line from freezing.

Park your car in a garage or cover it with a tarp, and pack an emergency kit equipped with a phone charger, jumper cables, warm gear, first aid kit, and an ice scraper. 

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